March 24, 2012

I love Easter.  With all that chocolate, I can’t resist!  So when my husband and I were in South Africa I was determined to bring Easter a few weeks early for the kids… and, of course, for me.  My idea started about a month earlier when I was in Singapore and found the cutest kids’ clothes shop.  I thought I hit the jackpot!  The clothes were colourful, but still tasteful, modern, stylish and classic.  I knew they’d photograph well!  I was in there for a good hour trying to decide what to eliminate from the stack I had collected at the cash register.  I walked out of there elated with my purchase, but hesitant to tell my husband just how much money I had spent on ‘Easter clothes’ for his girls.  It was easy for me to justify though… as it is for any woman, I s’pose…

Close to the end of our trip, I surprised the girls with their individual dress and wish I had a camera at that moment to capture their wide-eyed looks of adoration.  The youngest couldn’t wait to get hers on (and subsequently wore it for the next few days until the dirt took hold).  The oldest was more modest and wondered why it wasn’t as colourful.  She asked me, privately, which dress I liked better.  I knelt in closer, lowered my voice and said truthfully, ‘I prefer yours.  It’s classic and sophisticated but still very feminine.  You can accessorize it more (she likes accessories). Your sister’s is more colourful only because she’s younger and it suits her personality’.  She looks at me with a big smile, a light in her eyes and firmly states that she prefers her dress much better also!   I knew she would.

As part of receiving their new attire, they know it’s only protocol to have a model photoshoot.  So off we went to a pre-scheduled location.

The oldest, at 7 years, loves her ballet class so she took the opportunity to show her stuff.

The youngest is old enough to think modelling is a ‘series of poses’ but too young to know how to put it all together.  I’m not sure where she gets the need to ‘pose’ but I had to curtail it just a little, yet still keep her excited in front of the camera.  Here she looks a bit more natural.  Oh, and that embellished belt…that made the dress for her!!!  She LOVES those flower accessories!

The following morning, my husband and I hid chocolate easter eggs out in the courtyard.  We burst into the kids’ room after and told them the Easter Bunny had been here early and they must go looking for the eggs!  No surprise, none of them believe in the Easter Bunny at this stage, but chocolate is still high on their list so off they ran in their pyjamas.  They were also well aware of the fact that 2 of the major finds belonged to me and Dad, respectively.