January 10, 2014

There is a buzz on the street lately that so many women have been talking about.  It seems to be spreading like wildfire and I’m tempted to leap into the coals and find out what it’s all about.

Many women are transforming themselves and creating, or perhaps just uncovering, their own personal style through one-on-one sessions with Image and Style Consultants.


I remember a time in my early twenties when a friend of mine threw a ‘makeup’ party and part of the program was having each of our ‘colours’ analyzed to see if we fell into a ‘spring’, ‘summer’, ‘autumn’ or ‘winter’.  From there, we were shown which colours suited our complexion as well as how to apply these colours to our faces to maximize our best features.

Only 2 years ago a girlfriend of mine went back to the UK to visit her family and hired a personal shopper to help her find all the right clothes for a new job she was about to start after being out of the workforce for many years.  Although not particularly free with her money, she found the experience well-worth every cent and is still thrilled with the results.

Today, the system is far more complex and all-encompassing.  Personal branding, as it has been referred to, includes analyzing body type, shape, lifestyle; are you athletic, a business-woman, full-time mom or homemaker.  It also includes colour analysis which can greatly affect the appearance of a woman, making them look older, younger, more radiant or lifeless, professional, sporty, trendy or chic.

Truly amazing!  Isn’t that what we are always asking ourselves every time we walk into our closet?  How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe in confusion and frustration asking yourself, ‘what am I going to wear today?’  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to walk in there, pull anything down and know immediately that you’re going to look great?!

Not only that, but some Consultants will come to your house and stand in your closet with you and tell you what you should keep and politely tell you what you need to donate.  What woman doesn’t need that?  We’re asking our husbands and partners their opinions all the time and, quite honestly, what do they know?

And if that wasn’t enough, some Consultants will take you shopping…  it’s like a dream come true!  Where do I sign up?  Obviously there is a cost to all this.  But I figure what you make up in buying the right clothes will save you from buying, and eventually tossing, the clothes you’ll never wear.  Personally, I like my odds.

Now I know I’ve just been using the feminine form up to now, but I do know of some men also who have seen a Style Consultant and are very pleased, if not surprised, about how much they got out of it.


As I don’t normally endorse people I haven’t worked with personally, and please note I never get paid for any endorsements anyway, I have heard some great things about a woman here in Nelson who has done consulting for all my friends.  Her name is Bebe and she is an Images and Style consultant for the House Of Colour. Check out her site here.

That being said, I know there are some other very reputable consultants in the city.  Take a look online and see if anyone tickles your fancy.  If you want a ‘quick fix’ and don’t have the money to spend, I found a website called Joy of Clothes.  You can take an in-depth Style Quiz that helps you find the same kind of information regarding your personal style, shape and colour palettes.  It will place recommendations in your Style File for reference.

Either way, it’s great to know there are resources available to help shed some light on the bane of a woman’s existence and stop them from saying, ‘I have nothing to wear!’