Several years ago, when I lived in Miri, Malaysia, I was involved with an organization called PAWS (Piasau Animal Rescue Support).  These amazing people rescue lost, stray or abused animals, spay and neuter them and nurse them back to health.  I LOVE working with animals and will always take the opportunity to photograph them.  So that’s what I did for the animals ready to go to their forever homes.  These photographs were printed on posters and were seen all over the city.  Pet adoptions went up substantially!

As a result of these images, I had more pet owners request portraits of their own furry family members.  For these portraits, I requested a minimum donation of $50 that went directly to PAWS.  I find it ironic that family pets can also help those in need!

Today, I still continue working with various animal rescue groups.

If you would like to have a Pet Portrait done of your furkid, please feel free to contact me.  My regular donation fee of $50 is still applicable.