March 15, 2012

South Africa was fantastic!  It is Autumn there now but the weather was still very warm and enjoyable.  My husband and I arrived while school was still in so we were able to catch all the kids’ activities from cricket, swimming, ballet and a bit of rugby.  In between all the manic activities, homework was thrown in, even in the car while waiting for one of the other kids to finish their activity.  I was so excited to be able to watch what they do on a daily basis.  Of course, I had to capture it all!


The youngest doesn’t get homework yet, but she was quite diligently working on her LeapPad, a product created by the LeapFrog brand for kids.  They are fantastic learning tools and the kids have always loved their products.

This was in the car while the oldest was playing rugby.  It’s tough organizing activities for THREE kids and finding time to help them with their homework.  But we managed to get it all in.