June 30, 2013

House hunting can be both exciting and exhausting.  There hadn’t been a lot of new listings but we were continuously hopping from one open house to another, scheduling times to coordinate with those houses in closest proximity to one another.  We were concentrating on only 2 areas. One area has A-mazing views of the ocean and sunsets.  The other area is closer to town and within walking distance to all the shops, cafes and local activities.  It was hard to choose. When we were overlooking the breathtaking view of the coastline we felt we HAD to have this!  But when we were closer in to town, we felt this would serve us better.

That being said, we have put an offer in on a house and it has been accepted!  I keep driving by the ‘SOLD’ sign and pinching myself just to experience the reality of it!



My husband, being the ‘closet’ romantic that he is, sent me this text:


Now that I no longer feel it necessary to frantically scroll through real estate listings and schedule our weekly weekend excursions all over the city, I can relax and enjoy the surroundings a bit more! I’m really loving the Grampian trails.  I’ve been lucky to check out several other tramping trails close to town with friends also.  I’m so happy to finally start the settling in process!